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Venus is the Goddess of the arts and the body. There is a very strong musicality link. It is not fiery, but it is all laughter and fun. THIS is an interesting combination. Kristina is at the end of Virgo and nearly into Libra. Both she and Jason have got a very good work ethic.

Their attitude matches almost perfectly. They have both got the same goal to win. THE balance is absolutely right. When it is two people of the same sign they can either match or go out of kilter. This one works. He is a sensitive, kind man. They will bring out the best in each other. IT is a wonderful combination because Anton will allow Nancy to be Nancy. Cancerians are very sensitive, kind, caring — and forgiving. Video Horoscope Gemini January Friday 29th

Virgo is the eccentric sign and that is what Nancy is. The people here love her. Anton will be so patient with her and she will respond to that. She likes a man who will treat her right. It is one of the most incongruous relationships.

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THIS is another very interesting combination. Leo is immovable and so is Scorpio. Audley has a lot of planets in Sagittarius and Sagittarius is fire — and Natalie is fire.

The days between January 1 and January 7 could find you spending quality time with your greatest love. This would be a great time to get engaged or married. On January 21, a lunar eclipse will prompt you to make some far reaching changes to your living situation. Moving to a place that gives you great happiness is a distinct possibility. You could be combining households with a romantic partner or buying a holiday home with your amour. The period between August 22 and September 14 will be the most passionate time of the year; visiting a beautiful getaway with your partner will be memorable.

Take this opportunity to make plans for the future. Working together towards a dream will strengthen your relationship. If you want to end a committed partnership, this would be the best time to make the break. This is the year to meet the partner of your dreams. Keep your eyes open for a fun loving, easy-going type, who enjoys travelling and adventure as much as you.

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Do you already have a partner? Focus your energy on helping them achieve their dreams.

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Thanks to your support, your other half will reach fantastic heights. Their financial success will benefit you starting December 3. A lucrative job or profit sharing arrangement will help you and your amour to buy a new home or even a piece of land to build your very own dream house. Your physical relationship will also heat up at this time. Going on a romantic holiday at Christmastime would be a really good idea.


Head to a mountain vista that offers gorgeous views in every direction. If you are a city-loving person, visit a glittering metropolis instead. Letting down your defences during the last month of the year will result in a happier, healthier relationship.

A solar eclipse on January 6 could mark an engagement or wedding. This is a wonderful opportunity to devote your life to an accomplished person who truly adores you. Have you been trying to end a relationship that no longer works? The lunar eclipse on July 16 will allow you to make a clean, healthy break. Summon the courage to finally and amicably end things.

You have an opportunity to join hearts with someone who is intelligent, successful and loyal. Pay special attention to the period beginning December 3, when your powers of attraction will be very strong. You could meet someone special on an overseas trip, at a book club or in a classroom. Another solar eclipse on December 26 gives you a second golden opportunity to exchange vows. The year promises to be a highly romantic one for you, particularly from January 1 through to December 2.

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It will be easy to meet adventurous, open-minded people who know how to wine and dine you. Is marriage on the cards?

The period between March 2 and March 26 would be ideal for exchanging vows. The thought of devoting your life to one person will be enticing and empowering, not frightening. Are you already in a serious relationship? It will feel like you and your amour are falling in love all over again. Plan at least one luxurious holiday together. Establish a restful bedtime routine. Your health will improve.

Retreating from public view will help you regain your strength. Stop making the round of parties and spend time alone on soothing creative hobbies. Soon, your energy will be replenished. Engage in another creative pursuit. Allow yourself to be a beginner and have fun with it.

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Putting your creative talent on display will pay off handsomely. People admire your work and will give you the most coveted jobs in the field. Before letting your rage spiral out of control, so dome reflecting. An opportunity to mentor someone who admires you will be therapeutic. In addition, it will make you proud to pass along your advanced knowledge to someone who truly values it.

This is only a minor problem. Concentrate instead on all the cards that are in your favour. Your animal magnetism is hard to resist. Pick the one that makes you laugh hardest.