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Basically it has to do with aspects involving Jupiter and Saturn. When Jupiter has sextiles with some planets, Saturn has quincunxes with the same planets and Jupiter as well! I find this quite interesting! I don't know the exact interpretation though! If someone knows sth more on this, it would be great to share it with us! Basically, you talk about a Yod including Saturn apex planet quincunx Jupiter sextile another planet let's say Neptune I know someone with that one , and this Neptune sextile Jupiter.

I didn't know that name is Fallen Angel at Magi astrology, thanks. That's what I thought, that it is a Yod, but the declinations for this aspect is 1. Does ur friend have it? I'm just asking out of curiosity, a friend of mine also has it and I have no freaking idea what it means, especially when it involves many planets! Last edited by imo; at PM. I don't know yet what it means, but as soon as I find out, I will email it here.

Thanks to do the same.

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I have read at least this from someone who is a magi astrolger: "We also believe that we can change our lives with good timing. Even if you have a Fallen Angel aspect, good timing can help you better your life. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly.

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Quote: Originally Posted by stinkypuffs enhancement angles. Quote: Originally Posted by Kerrie Can you please explain enhancement angles? Quote: I looked for Chiron-neptune, chiron-jupiter, chiron'venus linkages starting first with my father's chiron and my mothers venus, neptune and jupiter Quote: Aquarius, I doubt they put any wait behind semi-sextiles involving chiron, especially considering a semi-sextile is a mildly adverse angle. Having said that, the magi society claims that Chiron-Jupiter and CHiron-neptune linkages are the lifetime linkages and that Chiron-Venus also has a say in "true love.

And to to top it off: Quote: Originally Posted by Icplanets Third, your parents have two Venus-Neptune enhancements, contra-parallel and quincunx. Hello Stinkypuffs, Quote: Icplanets..

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I really am seeking your knowledge here. Also can you confirm that the magi society at least believes that chiron-jupiter chiron-neptune and chiron-venus aspects are among the top aspects involving chiron and therefore, true love. Originally Posted by Icplanets Venus-Neptune linkages are the very best non-Chiron linkages for romance. So just the Neptune-venus aspects would have been enough? I am familiar with the venus-neptune aspects being very good in a relationship and its one of the few points in which i absolutely agree with the magi society, but with the magi society putting so many other possible aspects for real love into the equation, i imagine they'd be hard-pressed to find ANY celebrity couple for whom they could not prove a decent marriage for the way they are doing on that site of theirs.

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Or would it result in heartbreak? Our main website teaches you Magi Astrology and how to answer such questions. Please click here to enter our main website at MagiAstrology. In both our third book and our main website, we reveal our discovery that the astrological ruler of true love is Chiron, which is an asteroid-like comet that was only recently discovered in Chiron also rules marriages, pregnancy, children, romantic attraction, a love commitment and the soulmate.

What this means is that before Chiron was discovered in , astrologers were completely in the dark when it came to the astrology of love because they did not know about Chiron. In our opinion, it is not possible to be accurate in the astrology of love without using Chiron. A Cinderella Linkage is an interaspect formed between one person's Chiron and another person's Venus, Jupiter, Neptune or Pluto and to a lesser degree the Sun , where the interaspect is a conjunction, trine, quincunx, parallel or contra-parallel. With the help of Magi Astrology, it is finally possible to use astrology to know if two persons are likely to fall in love.

If you are not sure you are in love, or if you are not sure that you are loved in return, Magi Astrology can give you a reliable unbiased opinion. As a result of our research into the astrology of 60 thousand marriages, we made the following two fascinating and extraordinarily helpful discoveries:. Discovery One:. A Turbulent Astrological Day is a day when there is an overwhelming amount of Turbulent Angles made by the planets, especially Saturn.

When this website is fairly complete by the end of , it will provide you with many examples of marriages that took place during Turbulent Astrological Days so you will learn exactly what a Turbulent Astrological Day is. Women's magazines give a lot of advice about marriages and the causes of divorce.

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But the advice we get from women's magazines about why marriages end in divorce is incomplete. Most magazines tell us that the majority of divorces are a result of infidelity, or a lack of financial security, or the fact the couple drifted apart and became very different from the way they were when they were wed, or because there is no longer mutual love. But those magazines do not deal with the WHY. Turbulent Astrological Days are bad days to get married. When a couple marries, the act of marrying creates their Marriage Chart, which is the astrological chart of the time they marry.

If a couple marries on a bad astrological day, it creates a bad Marriage Chart and the chances of an ultimate divorce are high. So high that the chances of divorce are intolerably high. But here is the good news: If we marry on a good astrological day, our marriage will be good no matter how bad the odds are against us.

This is our second discovery. Discovery Two:. The power and importance of the Marriage Chart is so great and so Magical that even if two persons seem to have everything stacked against them, if they marry on an astrologically Magical day, their marriage can be Magical.

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There are countless examples of this. We have all heard of "rags-to-riches" stories and many of us dream of being so lucky. But guess what? It was not luck at all but the Magical stars. Everyone agrees about the importance of choosing the right person to marry. All Rights Reserved. We explain how to read a chart like this one in the Cinderella Time link of this website.

If you did not yet read that part, please go back to the home page and click on the link for Cinderella Time. When Ricky Martin performed on the Grammy's and was launched into superstardom he had two Golden Signs, and the day itself was a Golden Day. What are we to learn from this? And how do we utilize Magi Astrology to help us fulfill our own dreams?